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Edible Insects world Tour

We are the Bug Trotters and through our blog we want you to discover Edible Insects around the World !


We are traveling the world to learn more about Edible Insect, how to cook, harvest and breed them in order to show you the incredible wealth of these 6 legs animals !

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Edible species of insects through the world !

Why eating insects ?

For your health

valeur nutritionnelle comparée des insectes et de la viande
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Exceptional nutritional properties

Insects are richer in proteins, vitamins, minerals than meat !

For the environment

Environment compliance

Insects consume 15000 times less water and 5 times less food than beef to produce the same quantity of proteins ! Moreover, insects occupy 300 times less land than beef as they can be vertically rear.

Almost one quarter of the WORLD eat already insects.... Why not you ?

qui mange des insectes comestibles dans le monde

2 billions of people eat insects in the world !

Across the 5 continents:  Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceania, insects are eaten ! But it's especially in Mexico and China that they are the most eaten, with more than 300 insects species !

Some celebrities opinions ...

"Eat insects, it's the future !"

Shailene Woodley
Main actress of "Divergent" and "The Fault in Our Stars"

"Eating insects is good for the environment and balanced diets."

Kofi Annan
Fomer United Nations Secretary General

" Scorpions and crickets ? It's delicious !! "

Zac Efron
American actor and producer

"I'm passionate and excited about insects !
Besides I invested in Tiny Farm which falls on the supply side of criket proteins !"

Arielle Zuckerberg
Sister of Facebook inventor Marc Zuckerberg

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