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Scientific name

Acheta domesticus, Acheta domestica


Where can you find this insect ?

It can be found in the entire world! This species is the best-known and most reared insect after silk worms. It was first bred in Thailand and Cambodia. Nowadays many western companies use this insect to produce protein flour. If you want a detailed list of the companies, feel free to ask us.



Breeding crickets is easy, but labor intensive if not mechanized. Crickets require a temperature between 25°C and 30°C to grow well. They feed on cereals and plants. Please check our article on how to improve your cricket farm or contact us if you need a full breeding protocol.


Which taste ?

Dehydrated crickets have an excellent taste that can be compared to the one of grilled nuts, like almonds or hazelnuts. Crickets flour on the other hand has a stronger taste. We thus recommend you to put a small amount in your pastries!


Some recipes  

Crickets can be cooked in many ways: fresh, dehydrated, grilled, smoked or as a flour added to your meals. We propose you the recipe of Cambodian style crickets.


Nutritional composition 

Dried crickets contain almost 3 times more proteins than a fresh steak of beef!


Nutritional composition of crickets

Proteins 62 %
Lipids 7,5%
Fibres 7 %
Minerals 4,6 %
Moisture content 5,2%

Source: G. De Foliard, Protein Quality of the House Cricket, Acheta domesticus, when fed to broiler chicks


If you are interested in a more detailed analysis, feel free to contact us.